A picture of my Grandfathers mother and her sisters.

This is a picture my grandfather recieved from his sister Diana. He wrote on the back the information he had about it.  Marian was his mother. She would have been the one standing. My grandfather was actually taken to Canada by his father while very young and separated from his sisters for over 30 years,  . It was not the best circumstances.  I think it is admirable that my grandfather became a successful engineer in British Columbia despite the upheaval in his upbringing.  He designed many bridges in BC.

I listened to stories my grandfather told me, and loved to hear them over and over. One story was about when he was a captain on a ship during World War 2. They had shot down a German plane and some of the crew were floating in a raft. My grandfather said it was customary  to rescue them and the officers were kept in quarters with the officers of the ship and the others were kept in like quarters. At one meal the German officers were sitting with him at the table for a meal. Someone decided to put hot sauce in their food. The German officers ate the food, hot sauce and all and never showed any sign of pain. I think thats a pretty mild form of prisoner abuse yes, but years later, this same officer found my grandfather and gave him a painting that he did.

It showed the men in a life raft with a search light on them being rescued by the Canadian ship. He thanked my grandfather for saving their lives.

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