Horses in field

Horses in Field by Shamsher

This is an interesting endeavour. I have begun to read my grandmothers Book, The Everall Story. I’ve had it for a long time but haven’t actually read it and now I find it very interesting. As I said, through the generations it seems to happen that there are connections that are pretty surprising.

My mother’s mom, Neva was born on the Neva River in Russia. I have a tiny pair of Russian leather boots with a picture of a family in a canoe. They are probably the size of a three year olds boot. They are leather and have always had a special place in my heart. At one time they had an ink stamp in Russian but it seems to have faded away. The interesting thing is she lived in Cadboro Bay in Victoria BC Canada and that is also where my husband grew up. Only meters away from the house she lived in. After she was married she lived in Sidney BC and this is where my other grandmother’s grandfather, a well known Botonist, John Macoun finally settled after a life of traveling across Canada sending samples of plants back to Ottawa. He also wrote a book, with amazing stories of his travels, from loaning a fast horse to a chief to hunt Buffalo to walking along the shores of Cape Lazo, Comox BC, where I now live.

Theres so much more, more to write about more to discover. To be continued……..

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