Money lesson

There was so much I learned at the Millionaire Mind Set Seminar that are invaluable and critical to overcoming fear and ignorance around money.
That was my problem. I have learned to keep very accurate and diligent records and be aware and committed to controlling my cash flow. Keeping up to date records, keeping a Financial Freedom Fund going and knowing at all times as much as possible about all my financial obligations, including interest rates, fees, late charges. This has helped me so much. Having to sit down every day and update my records, keep receipts and more is making me feel like I am getting control.
These things may seem so obvious and elementary to many people but to some people who have never had to take this kind of responsibility seriously, or have suffered some kind of trauma around finances, either emotionally or psychologically, it seems overwhelming and impossible. Money has to be managed, it doesn’t just magically take care of itself right!

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