Broken Heart Guided

So where does my story really begin. Why am I sharing it? Where is it going?
My story begins on March 16th 1997
Yes, it’s hard to go back there, but it’s the beginning of my introspective journey to recover from the suicide of my husband.
It’s been 12 years and I can finally think about my husband with good memories,even remember the sound of his laugh.
Suicide is extremely painful! It’s a devastating, cataclysmic, traumatic, soul wrenching vortex of black emptiness, that engulfs those affected by it. It has taken me 12 years to be able to think of my husband without teetering on a frightening cliff of despair. I would not give up and give in to this negative energy. Yes, I have taken some rough roads on my journey, been preyed on by unscrupulous sharks, lost friends who couldn’t stay with me, almost lost myself, but I am here and happy to be feeling optimistic, sometimes even feeling magic and wonder again!

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