Moving Forward!

After finally purchasing an Iphone, in February 2012, I began to spend more time looking at what was going on in the world via the internet.While curiousity lead me from one site to another, I eventually came across T. Harv Ekers utube videos and immediately decided to attend one of his seminars. For me, this was very out of character.

In Calgary at Seminar!
Having very little money, purchasing a ticket to fly to Calgary was a big stretch and risk for me. For some reason I followed my instinct, for one because a friend had just moved there and offered me a place to stay, and two the seminar didnt cost anything. My flight was mostly covered by my first time use of my airmiles. It was all coming together perfectly so I knew I was doing the right thing.

After a weekend with the inspiring speaker Doug Nelson, I was so happy, feeling inspired, educated, and equipped with tools I had been searching for, for over 12 years. Yes, I had to learn to manage my money, track and account  for every penny, and start saving! What a simple yet powerful concept. I have described more what it meant to me in my post “Money”

If you are looking for a seriously educational and valuable set of tools for getting on track financially please do check out the link to Catch Fire Universities page.

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