I saw an article on the price of food being charged in Nanuvit,



I couldnt believe some of the derogatory comments directed to the people living there.So I wrote the following letter and posted it in the comments.

I would not pay any more attention to the kind of remarks that have no purpose other than to cause more suffering. I dont know why people waste thier time commenting in such a negative way. Why not go educate yourself to do something useful in the world?

Here is my comment on the issue. I also posted it to the website made for the Families there to have thier voices heard, to each other and the world.


Wow, its pretty simple, we live in a democracy, we have governments, governments are there to govern, in peoples interests. Not only in business peoples interests. Not only in the interests of greedy, anti-social profit driven business people. For the people who say why should the indigenous people live there, I would ask then why are the grocery stores there? The only intelligent posts are the ones that care about helping, that want to answer the human question, find an answer for the human needs. Its very close to extortion, what is happening there and really should be regulated. We all live in this country and benefit from tax dollars being used to make life safer for everyone. To offer programs, education, health care. Economies would not be able to function if businesses were left to take advantage without restrictions in every opportunity they could find, Greed is never sustainable. As a collective society we need to care about each other. If the theory that people shouldnt live there was true then there would be no business there. In fact I’m sure the people will continue to live there whether those businesses are there or not. I’m sure they have the strength and thier roots are stronger than any imported, transplanted opportunistic money grubbing capitalist that would gouge to that extreme. Why isnt the government helping by forming some kind of task force to organize the people to set up thier own food co-op or teach them to run the businesses themselves? Does the government of that area have deals with these business owners to give them permits to run businesses that make over a reasonable amount of profit margins? I think these people are totally being taken advantage of, because while they have innate strength in thier beings they do not have the tools and knowledge to effectively manage the interaction required for commerce and trade with the force that is capitalism. Not that capitalism is bad, its just at its worst it allows this kind of abuse. Its the ugly ones who have distorted ideas about the rights of capitalism that cause this kind of abuse..
To the people of this area, get the knowledge you need to run your own stores, ask for the tools and skills you need to be brought through education to your people. Dont rely on greedy businesses. You can do these things yourselves you just need knowledge.

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