That was the beginning of what I call being completely dissassembled. What I thought of myself, how I reacted, how I related to people, how I stood up for myself, these things were about to be torn apart, almost to the point of me becoming completely helpless to defend myself from being preyed on in my vulnerable state of mind.
How did the counselor get $8000 from me? How did the man move into my house from the counselling group? How did I get involved with a man who took over my finances and eventually took my home?
I became so unwilling to assert myself for fear of hurting someone. I felt I had been too assertive within my marriage and had been so focused on my own life and career that I wasnt sensitive enough to my husband. The loss turned me around to be an easy target for these kinds of people. Seeing my weakness they easily took what they wanted from me, like candy from a baby. Counselors, financial planners, real estate agents, friends, even some family, saw opportunity. It has taken me this long to learn what value I have, and how to be strong and have control over my life and my business without hurting anyone.

Qualicum Beach

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