Growing Everyday

What kind of things have I learned from adversity in my life?
That being right isn’t as important as love.
I had no way to feel better when my husband died. Some people blamed me for being a difficult wife, some of his family and their friends happily blamed me.
I have had to look at myself, because blame or no blame, the pain wasn’t going to stop.
It was hard to live.
I have learned so much that I didn’t see before. How simple everything could have been. I did make things hard.
I am still deeply grateful to my husband for everything I have learned.
Still. I am so sad that he is not here to go forward in this life with me.
I wish I could have learned how to appreciate his love while he was here.
I was influenced by people in my life that were either jealous or manipulating.
I was nieve.
I thought I had to prove something, when I didn’t. I had everything in the world. Everything. He loved me, cared and took care of me. Now it makes me sad to think I was so misinformed by my own family that that wasn’t good enough.
Today I try to appreciate every little thing.
I know I am more caring and thoughtful of others. I know I have to be true to myself.
Thank you Robin.


2 thoughts on “Growing Everyday

    • Perceptive, thanks. So much regret at not being loving enough. So much. Yes I have learned to treasure being on board the ship of learning to be kinder. To the detriment of my material well being. Had to relearn being strong in a healthier way. Men saw easy prey for many years.
      I love your post talking to Madame Sputnik. I had horrible men come into my life after and had my worst side mirrored back to me in excruciatingly clear ways. Cost me a lot, but thankfully I’m still here and I treasure the truth.

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