When exercising, your not only strengthening your muscles and getting a benefit that way, your exercising your willpower and that is an even bigger benefit.
I read William Atkinson’s book The Power of Concentration and really recommend it to anyone feeling their life is not going where they want it to.
It’s incredibly powerful to have strong willpower and it’s something that can be strengthened by exercising it everyday.
For example if you choose small things at first in whatever area you like, physical exercise, writing, playing an instrument, education, gardening, drawing, and stick to an agreement you make with yourself to practice those on a regular and defined schedule, your willpower gets stronger. Your skill or ability gets better too.
I have found it has helped me in my life so much to think of self discipline in this way, seeing the reward of keeping agreements to myself not only in a physical and tangible way but also in a way that makes me feel where I am my putting my energy and time is producing a life I am enjoying more.



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