So what am I an expert on? All the advice on blogs and Internet businesses say be an expert on something, well I was a professional equestrian coach in a past life and still have the 20 years of knowledge.
That’s what I used to love doing and being. Then tragedy came crashing down on everything. So my priorities changed.
Now I would consider myself an expert on surviving the black vortex of grief. Not an easy accomplishment.
Indescribably grief took over my life, my being, it was in the air I breathed.
The world kept turning, peoples lives went on irregardless of my loss.
I lived in a fog of pain, guilt, fear, confusion, self doubt and regret. I was easy prey for predatory opportunists, I was irresponsibly self destructive, and more.
I’ve come through all that, I’m a better person, I can be happy at times, really happy. I’ve worked hard at finding my balance again. I did it alone. No one understood, no one could help me or do it for me.
I am an expert on seeing the silver lining. I am an expert on seeing the purpose, in fixing problems, in learning from mistakes.
Yes I went through something terrible, but love is always at the core of everything and I know that.


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