A Long, long Road

My life seems to be about correcting mistakes at this point.
I’m actually glad to be aware of my mistake.
I didn’t see things that I now see. I value things that I didn’t even know we’re things to value.
I see people’s intentions and their motivations even when they don’t.
It’s sad a lot if the time because the degree of pain that is caused when people’s motives are based on greed, ego, jealousy, or rivalry is beyond words. It can be so harmful within families especially because it is assumed family members care.
To be mislead, to be tricked, to be scorned and put down and undermined by someone you think is looking out for your best interest is very harmful. That is the intention though. In families there is subtle and not so subtle rivalry. It can be devastating.
If someone is jealous of what you have and it makes them uncomfortable, instead of looking at themselves they put you down, undermine what you have accomplished.
Family, ….. Life’s greatest source of character building and opportunity to overcome and rise above negative, deadly, painful and destructive forces.


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