It’s good to walk. I can stop, watch two crows sitting on a picnic table, and try to guess if its a mom and baby or just two friends.
I like walking and closing my eyes for a minute and listening to the wind, the waves, and trees rustling.
Walking is good, passing another walker, carefully glancing, possibly smiling, possibly saying hello.
I’m not running, I’m not in a hurry, I’m not trying to win a race.
Thank you earth for being there for every step.
I like to walk on the natural earth, and I also appreciate the ease of level pavement.
Sunshine powers me up, the fresh air wakes me up, and the urgent chatter of the ducks, the chirping of the chickadees, and playful calling of the majestic eagles gliding in the high winds, cheers me up.
I’m going to walk and pay attention, maybe I will run another day, today it’s good to walk.

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