Just feeling angry.

How do you deal with abuse? It may be subtle, it may be overt. It is familiar because it has been a life long experience. Your told your crazy for calling it.
The abuse has hurt you but your used to it. One day you see that you never deserved it, and you decide not to allow it to continue. Things need to be better for future generations.
An apology would be a simple healing step.
That wont happen though. No acknowledgement is the action chosen. No acknowledgment,
You thought it might be different. ….your family after all.
Anger is not the best defense but in families abuse has to be stopped so it isn’t passed on.
Human beings are capable of the kindest and most selfless actions, but its hard for someone who puts their own comfort and enjoyment ahead of everything. possibly too hard.
I trust love will win in the end but I will not allow any more abuse.
Love wins ultimately anyway. Too bad for the ones who put their own comforts and enjoyment above all else. Sometimes love is work, not enjoyment. Sometimes it is giving more than you think you can.
When you give love you receive love.
When your in a family and you only give to yourself, your in denial when you think love is owed to you. Absolute denial, but hey… if its worked for you this long……,


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