First, define the negative and find where it’s coming from. Sometimes, taking time to introspectively look for the roots will bring answers, but you really have to be clear on what is positive in your life first.

Take some time to clear your mind. Think of the things you really love. Think of your dreams, for yourself,  and those you love. Think of where your dream originated, and who in your life has most supported the dreams that matter. Don’t be mislead by people trying to tear you down, tear down your dreams, or in any way, deter you from appreciating your accomplishments. Be careful of old patterns and that those who perpetuate them are not controlling you.

When you make progress in life, value the ones who gave you the support, love and encouragement you needed. It’s too easy for people who have long held a position of authority, to come along and tear down everything, if you let them. Why would you let them? Old patterns, abusive patterns, negativity, make it hard to believe in ourselves when we have been told we are no good.

That is why it is so important to love and cherish those who really truly support us. It’s not always easy, some people including family, aren’t even consciously aware of the negativity they aim at you, even if you can see clearly, their agenda and motivation. Overcoming negativity has a lot to do with solving inner conflict. That inner conflict can be ideas and attitudes imparted from figures of authority in your life growing up, conflicting and tearing down your hard earned happiness,  self development, and sometimes positive relationships.

Always be so careful to stop and really put love first. Never let anyone influence you to discount love. Treasure love. Whoever brings real love and kindness into your life, is important in helping you overcome negativity. Don’t look back to the ones who hurt you for guidance. Don’t listen to their voices in your head. You can do it on your own, but if you have love helping you, you are very fortunate. Love overcomes negativity. Love is in all of us, but always remember to be grateful for it if you are supported by a loving person. Love them in the best ways you can think of everyday!😊

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