Book Review: Holistic Dental Care by Nadine Artemis

holistic-dental-care-book-2_hiresThis is THE best book on dental care. I love the remedies, and the information about all the normal things not to use. For example mouthwash, with alcohol’s and flouride, NOT the best for your oral health.

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"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” #kahlilgibran 🌸 Loose hair strands don’t have to be combed. Yet, if you feel the need to tame your tresses, resist the urge to stock up on synthetic solutions touting hair-repair technology. The prescription for a good hair day, every day, is simple: undress your tresses from chemical duress, and bless them with bioactive botanicals. Many hair products contain twenty or more synthetic ingredients. Some of these substances strip natural oils from the hair and scalp, leaving both seriously dry, while others leave behind a heavy waxy buildup that congests the scalp’s microbiome. The more damaged hair is, the higher its negative atomic charge; and synthetics are drawn to that negative charge. Seal Split Ends 🌸 ordain your main by conditioning hair before and after shampooing with our Honey Myrtle Hair Mask or Shine On Conditioner too. Before shampooing, I massage Crowning Glory Hair Oil onto my scalp. The amount of time I leave it on varies from a few minutes to overnight. Oiling hair stimulates and delivers nourishment to hair roots too. I like to keep my hair loose in the day and while sleeping. I use gentle elastics when needed. Natural-bristle brushes and wooden combs feel so good on the scalp, prevent static, and distribute oils evenly throughout the hair. Styling Secrets 🌸 My favorite way to wash and dry my hair is in our lake after a morning swim, and then letting my hair dry in the fresh air and sunshine. When my hair is close to being dry, I run a wooden comb through the strands to organize my mane. In the winter, I like to wash my hair at night, wrap it up in an organic Turkish towel, and then go to sleep and wake up with dry hair; or I let it dry by the fire. This is all very different from my teenage years when I indulged in devoted blow-drying sessions slowly drying my hair in sections with big, round brushes. I would experiment with a curling iron, straighten with a flat iron, and preserve the moment with flammable hair spray, and the new fad at the time: foaming hair mousse… (Continued…)

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green mint photo

-Use mint. Real mint leaf helps your mouth. You can just chew on them when you want to freshen your breath. When you floss definitely drop a dab of clove oil on your floss.

-Drink water and let it wash your teeth every time you take a sip.

Since applying the information I have felt much better about my teeth.

Thanks to author :Nadine Artemis and her luscious line of beauty and health products. Ozonated Healthy Gum*Gel

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