sleepShawn Stevenson’s Podcast MODEL HEALTH is generously filled with information to help you improve your health.model1https://themodelhealthshow.com/  His book Sleep Smarter has advice that really works.  An understanding of the real need for deep sleep in regards to quality of life, and health, is explained in this book. There are some super simple but effective things you can do every day to give yourself the best sleep possible. One, is try to get outside, and walk, or work in the garden. Natural light has a positive effect on your body and biorhythms. Getting natural light, and exercise helps create the bodies need for sleep.  Two, is, make your bed your place to sleep. Read, stay up, watch t.v, or work on your computer in another space. One more possibly obvious thing is don’t drink caffeine in the afternoon, it stays in your system for several hours. These three things are really helpful. I found my sleep improved tremendously with these efforts.

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