Shall Joy wear what Grief has fashioned?

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Have you ever heard of the economic term, the Don’t Care Gap?

What is it? Well, suppose you have two companies, Evilgreed Inc and They both make T-shirts, but Evilgreed makes them in Bangladesh using child labour at $2 a month. Flightsofangels also manufactures their T-shirts in Bangladesh but only employs workers over eighteen and pays them a decent living wage. Now, you’re in Kmart shopping for a T-shirt, and you notice that one brand is priced at five dollars a pop and the other at thirty-five. The Don’t Care Gap is therefore thirty dollars – in other words, the difference between producing a product to the highest ethical specifications and producing a product to the cheapest specifications. (Here’s an exact cost comparison)

Why is this called the Don’t Care Gap? Because it quantifies exactly how much those involved in the production process – company, shareholders…

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