Don’t call it “logging” It’s POACHING!

This is pure poaching and resource robbery. These are part of the last remaining old growth in BC Canada. Who are the criminals behind this? These are not loggers, they are hired poachers. Men with empty souls prize these trees for the prestige of having their rare and magnificent wood. For thousands of years, there was harmony between the ancient trees and the people that lived here. The ugly sight of capitalist ships carrying restless minds and greedy souls signalled an assault on nature that was unimaginable. The depraved industrial monster began hacking down these majestic marvels. They seed the clouds for rain, they help create oxygen, they keep us all alive. They are 1000 years old. Men who only live at the most 100 years claim they are a “renewable” resource. If that was true there would no need to cut down the, less than, 2.9% of forest that they have been prevented so far from cutting. No argument justifies this poaching!

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