It seems our strata has no intentions of cleaning up the mess that was made when they cut down the poplar trees. Sigh……..

I am on a mission now. Myself and other residents of my complex are going to do what we can to improve the view, and the garden in our back yard.

How the council members think this is ok, is hard to understand. I believe they just don’t care, because they live in the units that are NOT adjacent to this area. They took down several large Poplar Trees that screened our view from the neighbouring complex parking lot. I intend to get on the council and do something more reasonable with this area. We could use a picnic table in the common area of grass that everyone could enjoy, likely while they take their dogs for outside play time. It is May and it is a good time to start a garden so I hope we have positive results from our efforts. To be continued…..

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