Emergency Chocolate Lab

Today, this guy arrived at the emergency door.

Now, I am not known for being fond of this kind of animal. I love horses, and wild birds more. But this guy just had the sweetest look in his eye.

He arrived with his crew and sat calmly in his front seat. He waited patiently, kept looking, but never barked or tried to jump out. I would never normally go and say hi to a dog, they have been known to sense my reluctance to interact and usually take that as a reason to be hostile. If I get snarls and barks I feel it justifies my viewpoint. But there was something about this sweet natured front seat passenger that got my attention and I decided to go and say hi. Wow, a first. Thank you to the crew that brought him in, he was a welcome visitor. We happened to have moment of quiet in the ER and it was perfect timing to show up.

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