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Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beaches. Took a nice drive around the Comox Coast line and here are some of the beautiful spots I stopped at. With the sun in full force, and no cold winter wind to be seen, the beaches were marvels of nature.


A place to share music, without commercial scrutiny and judgement. It’s fun to connect with other musicians, hear music that is created but not targeted just for dollars. I am hearing music that I wouldn’t hear otherwise. I have made connections that have surprised me, and am happy to have musicians stop by my pageContinue reading “REVERBNATION:”

NO MONOCULTURE can replace an old growth FOREST

Why are old growth forests so different than a forestry engineered forest? The old growth forest includes trees over 1000 years old. Yes… OVER 1000 years. If that alone is not reason enough, then There is an ecosystem surrounding the trees that supports, wildlife, produces rain, oxygen, and clean water. Those are kind of importantContinue reading “NO MONOCULTURE can replace an old growth FOREST”


Please call Premier Horgan at 250-387-1715 Hi All Thank you so much for making a call and sending a message for Fairy Creek and BC’s at-risk ancient forests! It’s because of people like you who are willing to speak up that there’s still hope. Thank you for holding the province accountable and for not givingContinue reading “STOP CUTTING OLD GROWTH NOW”

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