Broken Heart Guided

So where does my story really begin. Why am I sharing it? Where is it going? My story begins on March 16th 1997 Yes, it’s hard to go back there, but it’s the beginning of my introspective journey to recover from the suicide of my husband. It’s been 12 years and I can finally thinkContinue reading “Broken Heart Guided”

Be Strong

Sadness, loneliness, feeling discouraged, those moods will pass. It’s so hard when your energy is stuck there. There’s always hope. There’s always something to be happy about. A memory, a dream for a better future, thinking of others, or simply resting quietly, can bring a better state of mind. All conflict is inner conflict. ResolveContinue reading “Be Strong”

Money lesson

There was so much I learned at the Millionaire Mind Set Seminar that are invaluable and critical to overcoming fear and ignorance around money. That was my problem. I have learned to keep very accurate and diligent records and be aware and committed to controlling my cash flow. Keeping up to date records, keeping aContinue reading “Money lesson”


This is an interesting endeavour. I have begun to read my grandmothers Book, The Everall Story. I’ve had it for a long time but haven’t actually read it and now I find it very interesting. As I said, through the generations it seems to happen that there are connections that are pretty surprising. My mother’sContinue reading “Horses”

marketing offer No thanks

When I looked into a marketing site, I gave my URL for this blog. NOT SMART. I didnt check it out well enough, new that I am, to blogging. It is only an MLM that puts you in a downline. Please be careful new bloggers. The name of the site was HIT2U and offered trafficContinue reading “marketing offer No thanks”


This is a picture my grandfather recieved from his sister Diana. He wrote on the back the information he had about it.  Marian was his mother. She would have been the one standing. My grandfather was actually taken to Canada by his father while very young and separated from his sisters for over 30 years,  . ItContinue reading “Grandfather”


In the next few days I will tell some of the story of my family, both my mothers and fathers side. The links between them over the generations make an interesting argument that we are likely to move through the generations somehow connecting and reconnecting with groups of people staying linked directly and indirectly though.notContinue reading “Family”

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