It’s been a challenging day. The new computer froze and disabled my iPhone. My friends are going through some grief and uncertainty. Someone I care about is ignoring me, and work……….well, thats another story.  Yes life is hard. Can I be happy at the same time? I have so much to be grateful for. I am free,Continue reading “Uncertainty”


It gets scary to feel like you really love someone after going through bad experiences. I really loved my husband but I took him for granted and I lost him forever.Then I made the worst choice possible and while I was going through grief.and depression and was completely vulnerable, someone so low and deceitful manipulatedContinue reading “Love”

Time for Music

If Im going to write about something I should definitely include writing about some music I love, love, love!!!! Starting with music I’m currently (but always) in love with, I love Jane Siberry and KD Lang singing together, love it and I love Neil Young, and an awesome blues slide guitar player Rachel Van Zanten,Continue reading “Time for Music”

Early Summer Weather

Was it really such a beautiful day? The sun was shining, it was warn, even hot during the early afternoon. The river was a perfect place to sit and enjoy nature. After a short drive from town, it’s only a 5 min hike along the power line and through ferns, cedars, firs, and huckleberry plants.Continue reading “Early Summer Weather”

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