Preying on anyone who is vulnerable, isolated, hurting, weak, and scared will come back to you ten fold. That’s not going to be fun no matter what your material gain. Anyone in my life who is like that, I know one day, no matter how long it takes, every atom of pain you cause comesContinue reading “Hurt”

It will all come together

I believe it all comes together, the questions, the why’s, the desires, the understanding, healing, all leads to one conclusion. It really is all about love. Learning to love, to be sensitive, to care and to feel for others.My past mistakes have motivated me to find reasons, to change, to heal.


To continue, I don’t think my friend really knew what he was getting into. And I thought he might be a little more sensitive, but Xmas morning came and he seemed to be expecting me to go home as soon as I woke up. Oh well, that’s my life. Sometimes it’s as cold and greyContinue reading “Continued:”

Why I’m here.

I work in a hospital. No I’m not a nurse. I work in housekeeping. It’s not a glorified job. For me it’s significant. It’s hard, it’s where I last saw my husband, my brother and my brothers son.I kind of work with them in mind, after my brother died, I did the cleaning in hisContinue reading “Why I’m here.”

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