August to October 2021

August Turns into October, and provides some contrast to the sunny days of summer. While I work from home, and work on my own, the summer has given way to stormy rainy days, and cloudy coolness. It has been nice being home. I am getting used to it, and thinking of ways to make thisContinue reading “August to October 2021”

Four Weeks…

I have worked out on the treadmill almost every day. I am feeling some results. It is a great treadmill. Easy to use, doesn’t take up too much space, and I love that it pairs with the iPad and ifit. One or two days, I did not feel like using it, but that’s ok. TheContinue reading “Four Weeks…”


My friend is a Kwakiutl Artist, living in Comox BC. He is one of the most gifted artist’s I know, because he is able to convey something very deep and emotional in his paintings.

My Songs 2012

Four songs that I recorded on an iMac in 2012. The first is William Lee Ellis song, How the Mighty Have Fallen. I love that song because it reminds me of my brother Michael who died a few years earlier. He was tall, strong and good brother. He fell to brain cancer in 2009, NovemberContinue reading “My Songs 2012”


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2021 is going to be WONDERFUL

About Me

Hi, I am a doing book reviews, offering some amazon products and showing some of the best places in the Comox Valley that I love. Oh and writing some songs, and playing guitar. There’s some animation too, for fun.

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