Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beaches. Took a nice drive around the Comox Coast line and here are some of the beautiful spots I stopped at. With the sun in full force, and no cold winter wind to be seen, the beaches were marvels of nature.


Absolute beauty shows it’s happiness that the best time of year has arrived. What a beautiful time of year.

Hail… rain…sunshine

Within an hour there’s hail, rain, and sunshine 😊


A place to share music, without commercial scrutiny and judgement. It’s fun to connect with other musicians, hear music that is created but not targeted just for dollars. I am hearing music that I wouldn’t hear otherwise. I have made connections that have surprised me, and am happy to have musicians stop by my pageContinue reading “REVERBNATION:”


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2021 is going to be WONDERFUL

About Me

Hi, I am a doing book reviews, offering some amazon products and showing some of the best places in the Comox Valley that I love. Oh and writing some songs, and playing guitar. There’s some animation too, for fun.

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