the step-“mother”

The Blond  She was a Scandinavian type, blonde, fair skinned, blue eyes. Thought she was a goddess really. Sadly she was my step-mother. Well, “mother” was not an accurate description of her qualities. There was no “mother” in her DNA. She was spoiled, selfish and petty. All the world was there for her. Me as […]


The property was a gentle nestling of ivy plants, apple trees, bamboo, and a giant Arbutus that reached toward the bay. I know now, how safe, and grounded Robin felt knowing this was his piece of the world. It was his blanket in the storm of life, his comfort and friend, his security. He was […]

Book Review: Psychology of Money by Morgan House

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book is amazing, really loved the concepts, and the perceptive view he writes with. People really do spend money for the wrong reasons. To impress, to feel better, to compete. It is better to spend the money on what really matters […]

August to October 2021

August Turns into October, and provides some contrast to the sunny days of summer. While I work from home, and work on my own, the summer has given way to stormy rainy days, and cloudy coolness. It has been nice being home. I am getting used to it, and thinking of ways to make this […]


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2021 is going to be WONDERFUL

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Hi, I am a doing book reviews, offering some amazon products and showing some of the best places in the Comox Valley that I love. Oh and writing some songs, and playing guitar. There’s some animation too, for fun.

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