My friend is a Kwakiutl Artist, living in Comox BC. He is one of the most gifted artist’s I know, because he is able to convey something very deep and emotional in his paintings.


A place to share music, without commercial scrutiny and judgement. It’s fun to connect with other musicians, hear music that is created but not targeted just for dollars. I am hearing music that I wouldn’t hear otherwise. I have made connections that have surprised me, and am happy to have musicians stop by my pageContinue reading “REVERBNATION:”

River Cabin

Painting of the River Cabin Happiness can be such a delicate state of mind to sustain. Sometimes it seems to elude and evade me even when everything is perfect. I know now that in those lost moments when happiness seems so far away, I am just giving up briefly on the dreams, goals and inspirationContinue reading “River Cabin”

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