Humility is good. It’s introspection, calmness, wisdom, sensitivity,kindness, and so much more. I have so far to go, I don’t like situations where I feel inadequate or where my pride is hurt but I have learned a lot from those kinds of situations. Humility is like a martial art in some ways, simply applied inContinue reading “Humility”


One of my favorite professions is architecture. Who doesn’t love the idea of designing a home to suit your own unique style? I used to doodle and draw blueprints for homes while I was in classes. I still love to use my imagination in thinking about the perfect house and home. I have been inContinue reading “Architecture”


I saw an article on the price of food being charged in Nanuvit,   I couldnt believe some of the derogatory comments directed to the people living there.So I wrote the following letter and posted it in the comments. I would not pay any more attention to the kind of remarks that have noContinue reading “Nunavut”


This is a picture my grandfather recieved from his sister Diana. He wrote on the back the information he had about it.  Marian was his mother. She would have been the one standing. My grandfather was actually taken to Canada by his father while very young and separated from his sisters for over 30 years,  . ItContinue reading “Grandfather”

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