Absolute beauty shows it’s happiness that the best time of year has arrived. What a beautiful time of year.

A Long, long Road

My life seems to be about correcting mistakes at this point. I’m actually glad to be aware of my mistake. I didn’t see things that I now see. I value things that I didn’t even know we’re things to value. I see people’s intentions and their motivations even when they don’t. It’s sad a lotContinue reading “A Long, long Road”

One Victory, One More Hurdle

Reaching a goal, beating the odds, success, achieving a dream sometimes brings the big monsters of self sabotage, fear, doubt, mistakes, and what seems like bad luck snapping like a dragon trying to snatch happiness and rewards away. Keep putting out the fires, keep moving in the direction you want. Focus on where you wantContinue reading “One Victory, One More Hurdle”

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