One of my favorite professions is architecture. Who doesn’t love the idea of designing a home to suit your own unique style? I used to doodle and draw blueprints for homes while I was in classes. I still love to use my imagination in thinking about the perfect house and home. I have been inContinue reading “Architecture”

One Victory, One More Hurdle

Reaching a goal, beating the odds, success, achieving a dream sometimes brings the big monsters of self sabotage, fear, doubt, mistakes, and what seems like bad luck snapping like a dragon trying to snatch happiness and rewards away. Keep putting out the fires, keep moving in the direction you want. Focus on where you wantContinue reading “One Victory, One More Hurdle”

Willpower Rocks!

When exercising, your not only strengthening your muscles and getting a benefit that way, your exercising your willpower and that is an even bigger benefit. I read William Atkinson’s book The Power of Concentration and really recommend it to anyone feeling their life is not going where they want it to. It’s incredibly powerful toContinue reading “Willpower Rocks!”

Moving Forward!

After finally purchasing an Iphone, in February 2012, I began to spend more time looking at what was going on in the world via the internet.While curiousity lead me from one site to another, I eventually came across T. Harv Ekers utube videos and immediately decided to attend one of his seminars. For me, thisContinue reading “Moving Forward!”

Money lesson

There was so much I learned at the Millionaire Mind Set Seminar that are invaluable and critical to overcoming fear and ignorance around money. That was my problem. I have learned to keep very accurate and diligent records and be aware and committed to controlling my cash flow. Keeping up to date records, keeping aContinue reading “Money lesson”

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