A Long, long Road

My life seems to be about correcting mistakes at this point. I’m actually glad to be aware of my mistake. I didn’t see things that I now see. I value things that I didn’t even know we’re things to value. I see people’s intentions and their motivations even when they don’t. It’s sad a lotContinue reading “A Long, long Road”


It’s funny, I think about writing, about putting my thoughts out there, then I stop. Anything I say or any stand I take on any issue or topic, is pointless to write about. Anything can be argued on either side depending on a persons bias. What does it matter what I say? I like theContinue reading “Words”

Canon Balls?

Only in BC! This is a true story my friend told me. He works in logging and on one trip out to work he was doing his log scaling and got a message from the mill. One of the logs that had gone there had damaged the saw blade. The log had a cannon ballContinue reading “Canon Balls?”

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