Super Crunchers: stories of numbers

There is a really interesting book called “Super Crunchers”. I found it enlightening and relevant. In the book, among other number crunching applications, statistic based medical diagnosis is discussed. “House” was inspired by Lisa Sanders’ “Diagnosis” column in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Before becoming a doctor Lisa was an Emmy Award winning producerContinue reading “Super Crunchers: stories of numbers”


It’s been a challenging day. The new computer froze and disabled my iPhone. My friends are going through some grief and uncertainty. Someone I care about is ignoring me, and work……….well, thats another story.  Yes life is hard. Can I be happy at the same time? I have so much to be grateful for. I am free,Continue reading “Uncertainty”


It gets scary to feel like you really love someone after going through bad experiences. I really loved my husband but I took him for granted and I lost him forever.Then I made the worst choice possible and while I was going through grief.and depression and was completely vulnerable, someone so low and deceitful manipulatedContinue reading “Love”

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