Humility is good. It’s introspection, calmness, wisdom, sensitivity,kindness, and so much more. I have so far to go, I don’t like situations where I feel inadequate or where my pride is hurt but I have learned a lot from those kinds of situations. Humility is like a martial art in some ways, simply applied inContinue reading “Humility”


So what am I an expert on? All the advice on blogs and Internet businesses say be an expert on something, well I was a professional equestrian coach in a past life and still have the 20 years of knowledge. That’s what I used to love doing and being. Then tragedy came crashing down onContinue reading “Expert”


I’m here, right now at work, it’s 2:16am. I look at this blog and wonder what is it for ? 1. I like communication 2. It’s interesting to see that anyone reads it 3. It helps me to feel like I am part of a community that values other people’s thoughts and ideas. love toContinue reading “Readers”

Willpower Rocks!

When exercising, your not only strengthening your muscles and getting a benefit that way, your exercising your willpower and that is an even bigger benefit. I read William Atkinson’s book The Power of Concentration and really recommend it to anyone feeling their life is not going where they want it to. It’s incredibly powerful toContinue reading “Willpower Rocks!”


If I bared my soul, what good would that do? Keep your own council, words make you a fool. Love is in the air, no words can control, no music can capture, no beauty can lure, love transcends the physical, transcends the material world, silence, in the heart fills the void.

Keep on Moving

Meanwhile….. back at work….. One nice thing about work is that it’s very familiar (too much so), but this does allow a little comfort. The ease of knowing your job, knowing the people you work with and falling into a routine does have its appeal. Still, I am committed to something a little bigger inContinue reading “Keep on Moving”

Working here

So let’s see… where to start? What kind of work is there here ? Well this is a remote town. It’s about 4 hours away from Vancouver, and Victoria. There isn’t any industry. Logging is farther away, in even more remote places. Mills are no longer running here. There’s a mine in Gold River, aboutContinue reading “Working here”

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