Humility is good. It’s introspection, calmness, wisdom, sensitivity,kindness, and so much more. I have so far to go, I don’t like situations where I feel inadequate or where my pride is hurt but I have learned a lot from those kinds of situations. Humility is like a martial art in some ways, simply applied inContinue reading “Humility”

Willpower Rocks!

When exercising, your not only strengthening your muscles and getting a benefit that way, your exercising your willpower and that is an even bigger benefit. I read William Atkinson’s book The Power of Concentration and really recommend it to anyone feeling their life is not going where they want it to. It’s incredibly powerful toContinue reading “Willpower Rocks!”


To leave my friends and return to work where everything is concrete and sterile is a bit depressing. I enjoyed staying and doing a little gardening, checking out the farmers market in Qualicum and Errington. Work is always here to come back to though. I was fortunate to be selected for a position in theContinue reading “Work”