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FOUR SIGMATIC: Mushroom Supplements: Lions Mane, Shitaki, Cordyceps, Reishis, Turkey Tail….with coffee,………….


a very nice compliment to Four Sigmatic, I ordered your Adaptogen Blend from,a company in Canada Ontario. They included an aromatic lotion that has positive remarks from friends and co-workers. Here is the lotion:

Mushroom info






GREAT EATERIES:     find the Atlas Cafe here   

AT HOME: My favorite tofu scrambler: delicious! This is one of my home made favorite recipes. Put 1/2 block medium firm tofu in a bowl. Mash and add Nutritional Yeast-turmeric-pepper-cayenne-salt and grated cheddar. Heat olive oil in a pan, add onions and garlic, cook until crispy brown. Serve on toast with avocado and sprouts. Yum.


Among a wide variety of foods, I love leafy, dark greens, nuts, seeds and grated cheese, for satisfying and healthy nutrition. Every day more knowledge and information fills the world on the science of nutrition and I hope to share the some of the best facts I have found.

The dish here is kale, sesame seeds, avocado and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

This is the all important food group…………Coffee


I found out about this magical mix, from an interview on MODEL HEALTH, with Shawn Stevenson. He was interviewing Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigmatic Mushrooms. Below is a connection to a very informative podcast.

The Amazing Connection Between Fungi, Skin Health, And Weight Loss

find the informative podcast here