A place to share music, without commercial scrutiny and judgement. It’s fun to connect with other musicians, hear music that is created but not targeted just for dollars.

I am hearing music that I wouldn’t hear otherwise. I have made connections that have surprised me, and am happy to have musicians stop by my page and give me encouragement.

NO MONOCULTURE can replace an old growth FOREST

Why are old growth forests so different than a forestry engineered forest?

  1. The old growth forest includes trees over 1000 years old. Yes… OVER 1000 years. If that alone is not reason enough, then
  2. There is an ecosystem surrounding the trees that supports, wildlife, produces rain, oxygen, and clean water. Those are kind of important to humans, more important to all human beings than one individual looking for financial gain for himself and his friends.
  3. Trees talk to each other and they send nutrients to their seedlings.
  4. They are witness’s to 1000’s of years of human existence, and provided a home, comfort, oxygen, and a life supporting ecosystem.


Please call Premier Horgan at 250-387-1715

Hi All

Thank you so much for making a call and sending a message for Fairy Creek and BC’s at-risk ancient forests! It’s because of people like you who are willing to speak up that there’s still hope. Thank you for holding the province accountable and for not giving up. If you’d like to take a step further, please join our challenge and ask FIVE people in your network to take action for old-growth.

Below are some suggestions for ways to speak up:
📞 Phone Premier Horgan: 250-387-1715 and Forests Minister Katrine Conroy: 250 387-6240
📨 Send an instant message to BC politicians at:
💻 Request a virtual meeting with your local MLA and voice your concerns (this is important!). Look them up here:
🖋 Write a ‘letter to the editor’ of your local newspaper.

~Communications, Outreach, & Development 


In October, during the provincial election campaign, Premier John Horgan stated that “many of our old growth stands are worth more standing up than they ever could be cut down, especially if we take a holistic approach that acknowledges broader benefits for communities and the environment.”

Since the election, BC Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau, the MLA for Cowichan Valley, believes the government has taken a talk and log stance in response on the issue.

She calls the Fairy Creek watershed “the very definition of an ancient, high-risk ecosystem” the Old Growth Strategic Review Panel said should be protected while a strategy is developed.

According to Furstenau: “no valleys like it remain on Southern Vancouver Island, they’ve all been logged.”

Please support:

It’s so important to life on this planet, for everyone that we recognize how destructive and harmful it is to keep killing life at such an unsustainable rates. Humans have to stop the greed and insane resource robbery, it’s cruel and illogical.


Why do I like participating in the world of music. I love that it is a way of participating with others in a creative process.

Music helps me express my feelings, and gives me hope that I am not alone in my feelings, and also to maybe help others who may have experienced some of the same feelings.

There is a whole world of commercialization of music and while it is important to be supported if it is your main way of making a living, I don’t think it is important to meet commercial expectations, or approval, because not everyone’s feelings are limited to being commercially appealing or entertaining.

I have written 5 or 6 songs relative to my experiences in life, and for me, it helped me deal with painful emotions, and difficult feelings of grief.

Lessons learned in life give me inspiration in song writing as well.

I am looking forward to becoming more technically skilled, I am taking lessons in guitar with a very talented musician, Allan Jossul, thru Long and McQuade in Courtenay BC. In my first lesson I have learned some really good techniques(basic but amazing ones actually) and look forward to more.

A Song called “Mad”: Always Love Yourself:

This has taken me years to publish as a video, as I work full time and pretty much just have myself to make things happen. A friend helped me out with this, took the video for me, down at the beautiful Tsolum River on a rainy, and sunny day. Sometimes you can draw out something sweet from something very bitter.

I wrote this song to resolve my feelings about being very unhappy with myself and someone else. Writing music helps to make you feel better when your feelings are not pleasant.

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