The Nieghbourhood

Good morning world, off work at 8 a.m., time for a rest.
There is a natural aviary amid the trees and greenery. Everything is growing.

Super Crunchers: stories of numbers

There is a really interesting book called “Super Crunchers”. I found it enlightening and relevant. In the book, among other number crunching applications, statistic based medical diagnosis is discussed. “House” was inspired by Lisa Sanders’ “Diagnosis” column in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Before becoming a doctor Lisa was an Emmy Award winning producer for CBS.
The following medical fact from the book is shocking. An Austrian physician Ignaz Semmelweis in the early 1840’s studied the rate of mortality in a maternity ward. He realized that mortality rates went from 12 to 2 percent when the doctors washed thier hands before seeing a patient. Unbelievable to us today, but at the time doctors complained that it was a waste of their time and the doctor who first advocated hand washing was eventually fired and died in a mental hospital at 47.

We have had handwashing campaigns going on at our hospital a few times over the years. It is still human nature to disregard this evidence and patients still get infections at injection sites.

Sigh……Its all too much sometimes.


I’m learning that for every exchange of money, material goods or a service there needs to be a contract.

Even a friend that you think is doing a favour for you or you for them. A misunderstanding can ruin the relationship. One gives the other takes and the balance is askew. In my life right now balance is so important. Einstein said “life is like riding a bike, in order to keep balanced you have to keep moving”. As I learned from T .Harv Eker, it’s so important to keep energy positive.


It’s been a challenging day. The new computer froze and disabled my iPhone.

My friends are going through some grief and uncertainty. Someone I care about is ignoring me, and work……….well, thats another story. 
Yes life is hard.
Can I be happy at the same time?
I have so much to be grateful for. I am free, I am loved, I have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. I have beauty around me.

I have hope.

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