Friend or……?

This is a device invented to cause the most frustration in human history!


It gets scary to feel like you really love someone after going through bad experiences. I really loved my husband but I took him for granted and I lost him forever.
Then I made the worst choice possible and while I was going through grief.and depression and was completely vulnerable, someone so low and deceitful manipulated their way into my life and proceeded to destroy as much of me as they could.
I made my way out of that horrible relationship, made my way to freedom and independence and I see more clearly now.
I feel there’s possibility for love again..
There is something magic about life when I feel this way.
If anyone thinks of giving up, please don’t. The pain your in is only temporary and only a fraction of the pain people who love you would feel if you were not here!

Time for Music

If Im going to write about something I should definitely include writing about some music I love, love, love!!!! Starting with music I’m currently (but always) in love with,
I love Jane Siberry and KD Lang singing together, love it and I love Neil Young, and an awesome blues slide guitar player Rachel Van Zanten, wow melt in your ears music !!!
I so admire Jane, on a journey around the world doing house concerts, love that! Now opening for KD wish I could go to one of those concerts.
Rachel…. Amazing, inspiring, pleasing, happy, sad, strong, respectful!
Thank you to these voices and talents.

Early Summer Weather

Was it really such a beautiful day? The sun was shining, it was warn, even hot during the early afternoon. The river was a perfect place to sit and enjoy nature.
After a short drive from town, it’s only a 5 min hike along the power line and through ferns, cedars, firs, and huckleberry plants. It’s the first of many visits now that the season has arrived for suntanning and swimming. It’s a bit earlier than usual and it will probably go back to clouds and rain for awhile, but it’s to be enjoyed when it’s here.


My friend is a really good artist and sometimes I like to watch him paint or carve.
He Is one of the most good natured people I know. After a cold and loveless childhood of residential school he made a good life, and continues to smile and laugh and be a good friend. Not perfect ofcourse, I sometimes have to point that out to him , but it usually ends in one of us laughing at ourselves.

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