Learning: A Long Road Forward

Learning That was the beginning of what I call being completely dissassembled. What I thought of myself, how I reacted, how I related to people, how I stood up for myself, these things were about to be torn apart, almost to the point of me becoming completely helpless to defend myself from being preyed onContinue reading “Learning: A Long Road Forward”

Suddenly Left; Surviving the sudden loss of a spouse.

The emotional and psychological trauma and grief that you have to pass through when you lose someone you love, is beyond words. It doesn’t end there though. There is no one to rescue you, or save you, or make it all better, because you have truly lost what you loved, and it can never beContinue reading “Suddenly Left; Surviving the sudden loss of a spouse.”

Poem: The Storm in Ann

Crashing, loud, fiery, fighting against nothing. Fleeting moments of clarity, victory brilliance. Flares burning, flawlessly in the sky Chronic pain like a cigarette burning, Open the door, eyes looking in, An optimist with no hope, crowned the queen of underdogs. My skin, my saddle, my mind, my rider. What riddle must I solve to avoidContinue reading “Poem: The Storm in Ann”