My Songs 2012

Four songs that I recorded on an iMac in 2012. The first is William Lee Ellis song, How the Mighty Have Fallen. I love that song because it reminds me of my brother Michael who died a few years earlier. He was tall, strong and good brother. He fell to brain cancer in 2009, NovemberContinue reading “My Songs 2012”

Poem: The Storm in Ann

Crashing, loud, fiery, fighting against nothing. Fleeting moments of clarity, victory brilliance. Flares burning, flawlessly in the sky Chronic pain like a cigarette burning, Open the door, eyes looking in, An optimist with no hope, crowned the queen of underdogs. My skin, my saddle, my mind, my rider. What riddle must I solve to avoidContinue reading “Poem: The Storm in Ann”

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