How to start jumping your horse: 1 set up poles 1 or 3 strides apart, and ask your horse to walk over the poles in a forward walk.

Beautiful Horse
At over 80, my mother on her Gelding.

Wendy Walkers Equestrian Center

Qualicum BC

Had some great rides with Wendy Walker at Tickle Wood Farm. Was important to train with a higher Level Coach and keep my skills up for my students.



Poppy was my Thoroughbred mare. She was given to me, from Southlands BC, after being taken off the track. Racing wasn’t a career for her. She was very fast, her father was a famous race horse named Struck Out.

After racing, Poppy was retrained to be a hunter/jumper, dressage horse. I loved her strong temperament, softened by her loving nature. She scared my horse shy friends, often making snorting noises, and fiery stomping moves, but she was loving and kind and loved people. She just liked to be the boss. I miss her.


Toni: The best ever school horse. I had Toni later in his life, and he was so kind and gentle. My students  loved him. One student who was legally blind, went to horse shows on him. They did a small jump course at the local shows and this gifted student later went all the way to Amsterdam in the special Olympics. Toni gave her confidence and happiness.

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