Absolute beauty shows it’s happiness that the best time of year has arrived. What a beautiful time of year.


Humility is good. It’s introspection, calmness, wisdom, sensitivity,kindness, and so much more. I have so far to go, I don’t like situations where I feel inadequate or where my pride is hurt but I have learned a lot from those kinds of situations. Humility is like a martial art in some ways, simply applied inContinue reading “Humility”

Material People

There is so much about life that is interesting, fun, good, light, and beautiful. Never, never let the dark, rainy, cloudy, grey days when things seem hard, determine your future. There are good, thoughtful, kind and happy people in the world. Never let the weak, fearful, deceptive, and greedy people color your world with theirContinue reading “Material People”

A Long, long Road

My life seems to be about correcting mistakes at this point. I’m actually glad to be aware of my mistake. I didn’t see things that I now see. I value things that I didn’t even know we’re things to value. I see people’s intentions and their motivations even when they don’t. It’s sad a lotContinue reading “A Long, long Road”

No Small Accomplishment

Resolve to strengthen yourself from the inside out. There is nothing stronger than the strength inside you to determine your life. Exercise the power you have inside yourself everyday and watch things begin to shift more in the direction you want in your life.


If I bared my soul, what good would that do? Keep your own council, words make you a fool. Love is in the air, no words can control, no music can capture, no beauty can lure, love transcends the physical, transcends the material world, silence, in the heart fills the void.

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